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Pulpits of the Past

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20

Like so many immigrants in the late ninteenth and early twentieth century, the Lutherans who came to Canada's West- from Eastern Canada, Europe, and the United States- brought with them their hopes and dreams for a new life; their willingness to work and to sacrifice; their fath. Finding themselves largely isolated by vast spaces and a harsh environment, they nonetheless come together to worship, to pray, to marry, to baptize their children, to bury their dead. In hundreds of places across the province, Lutherans from many different traditions- Augustana Synod, General Council, Icelandic Evangelical, Lutheran Brethren, Lutheran Free, Missouri Synod, Norwegian Synod, Ohio Synod, United Norwegian- organized themselves, raised money, called pastors, built churches and parsonages.

More than 700 communities of Lutherans which at the time existed in Saskatchewan eventually disbanded over the course of the last century or so. Pulpits of the Past provides a record of the life of those churches, the charter members and early leaders, and the pastors who served them.

ISBN 0-9735234-0-9 - 296 pages - 2004

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Bread to Share: Volume 1: Front Cover

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Bread to Share: Volume 2: Front Cover

Bread to Share: Volume 2: Back Cover

Bread to Share

Bread is a powerful image on the Saskatchewan prairies. Wheat has long been a staple of the prairie economy and Saskatchewan is still recognized as the "bread basket of the world." Bread shared is a symbol of hospitality and of the cooperative spirit that so characterizes this province and its people.
Bread is a powerful image, too, in the context of Christian faith. Hospitality is a significant part of our call as Christians, and breaking bread together is important, whether at the supper table or at the communion table.

These stories are a tribute to Lutheran pastors and their wives who shared the Bread of Life and broke bread with the people of Saskatchewan in the early years. They shared the joys and hardships of those years, often travelling many miles in challenging circumstances to bring the comfort and hope of the Gospel.

Volume 1: ISBN 0-9735234-1-7 - 351 pages - 2006
58 stories of pastors and their wives.

Volume 2: ISBN 978-0-9735234-2-3 - 338 pages - 2009
54 stories of pastors and their wives.

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